Paul Fleming has been involved in music for over fifteen years and youth for three years. He is the proud husband of Kate Fleming. He started as a musician and singer for the worship team in the First United Methodist Church in Crown Point. Paul is the son of the late Anthony Fleming and present Terri Fleming, and brother to Mark and Nick.

Paul has been the worship leader of Cornerstone Community Church for over 7 years and has been a youth volunteer for over 2 years. 

Outside of his ministry roles, Paul is a CDL instructor at Driveco Truck Driver Learning Center, in Gary, Indiana, as well as a private music teacher (piano, voice, music theory). He is extremely focused on his family, an avid music lover, HUGE sports fan, and movie enthusiast. If you want to get him talking for at least an hour, just bring up Marvel movies and/or Chicago sports.

Biggest Influences: My mother and father and my high school choir teacher Joanne Haley-Borodine

Music In My Car/iPod: The Vespers, The Shins, Gaither Homecoming, U2

Favorite Word: Exquisite (at the moment)

Least Favorite Word: Impossible

Sound Or Noise I Love: The swelling sound of a well-played viola

Sound Or Noise That I Hate: An out of tune piano

Favorite Movies: A Mighty Wind, To Kill A Mockingbird, Back To The Future (I, II, III), Noises Off!

Favorite Books: How To Win Friends and Influence People, War Of Art (Pressfield), Atonement (McEwan), Everyday Church (Chester)

Spare Time: Reading and watching quality television… like Dr. Who, Scrubs, and Cheers

Best Invention: the printing press

Another Profession that I Would Like To Try: an English Teacher

A Profession That I Never Want To Try: Politician

Passion(s): Helping and teaching

Biggest Frustrations: Complacency

When I Get To Heaven, I’d Like To Hear God Say: “I’m so very proud of you, my son”


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