Kevin McGill grew up in central California. He met and married his wife, Jenny McGill while attending Dallas Theological Seminary, where he received a master’s degree of theology (ThM). Kevin has served Cornerstone Community Church since June 2014. His wife is currently the Regional Dean of Northern Indiana and Illinois for Indiana Wesleyan University. 

Kevin’s passion is to tell the greatest story ever told to the next generation. His focus is on making disciples who make disciples that NWI may be overcome by the greatness of Jesus. Aside from regular pastoral duties, Jenny and Kevin are heavily involved in raising up followers of Jesus through their discipleship ministry. 

Biggest Influences: My dad and stepmom. 

Music In My Car/iPod: Daft Punk, Lord of The Rings soundtrack, Andrew Peterson

Favorite Word: Self-aggrandizing

Least Favorite Word: Nom nom

Sound Or Noise I Love: Grasshoppers after a rain

Favorite Movies: Interstellar, Moneyball, Lord of The Rings, Fences

Favorite Books: War of Art by Stephen Pressfield, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning

Spare Time: Write, dream of buying a 3d printer, watch BBC shows with Jenny. 

Best Invention: The book

Another Profession that I Would Like To Try: Work for SpaceX.

A Profession That I Never Want To Try: Politics

Passion(s): Preaching, storytelling, writing, reading, technology, space travel, history, traveling

Biggest Frustrations: To continue doing something when it serves no purpose. “But that’s just the way it has always been done” is an anathema to me.  

When I Get To God’s Kingdom, I’d Like To Hear God Say: Welcome. Supper’s on. Tacos or Waffles? Even better–how about waffle tacos?

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